Effects Of Diphtheria Vaccine For A Trainer Bodybuilder?

Illustration of Effects Of Diphtheria Vaccine For A Trainer Bodybuilder?
Illustration: Effects Of Diphtheria Vaccine For A Trainer Bodybuilder? Bing

I am currently undergoing a bulking and cutting program in developing muscle mass (muscle mass). Then I was advised to inject the diphtheria vaccine. Is it good? And No effect on my muscle mass growth?

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Hi Willy,

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Diphtheria is a type of infection that attacks the respiratory tract and is highly contagious. Lately, this infectious disease is quite endemic in Indonesia and many people have suffered from this infection. In addition to the respiratory tract, this disease can also cause skin disorders and can be life-threatening. For this reason, to prevent transmission, it is advisable to vaccinate against this bacterium. This vaccination aims to trigger the formation of the immune system so that the body is ready to fight if the bacteria infects in the future. Every medical action, let alone inserting something into the body, certainly causes side effects. This vaccination can cause the following side effects:

Mild fever Mild headache There is a red mark or swelling at the injection site. In general, this condition can last several hours after the injection, but there are also in small amounts also occur more reactions. There is no significant direct effect on the muscle building process that you are currently undergoing, only if mild side effects occur, it is necessary to rest first to reduce the existing complaints.

That's all I can say, hopefully useful.

Regards, dr. Tiwi

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