Effects Of Drinking Coffee For People With Depression?

Illustration of Effects Of Drinking Coffee For People With Depression?
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Doctor, is it true that people who drink coffee are prone to depression? Or vice versa? And is it okay for depressed people to drink coffee? thanks.

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Dear Leah,

coffee consumption has become part of one's lifestyle. Many people start their day by consuming a cup of coffee because coffee is considered good for health, at least from a physical point of view because caffeine at certain levels is clearly good for a person's body. But does coffee consumption also have a psychological effect? It turns out that research also shows that the caffeine in coffee can help relieve depression to a certain extent. This of course is good news for coffee consumers. However, please note that regular caffeine consumption will cause more or less the effects of dependence on coffee. Although not dangerous, this condition should be considered, because for those who regularly drink coffee, stopping coffee consumption suddenly can actually trigger negative effects such as depression and other psychological disorders. In principle, the thing to remember is that coffee consumption is always good as long as it is within reasonable limits and someone does not have an allergy to coffee. For more details on this matter we advise you to discuss it together with your psychiatrist. Here we attach an article about the benefits of coffee. May be useful.

dr. N. K. Arief

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