Effects Of Eating Fruit While On Typhoid?

Illustration of Effects Of Eating Fruit While On Typhoid?
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Good morning, I want to ask if you are in typhus, can you not eat fruits, if you can, what are the fruits?

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Typhus in medical language is called typhoid or typhoid fever, which is a disease caused by the bacteria Salmonella thyphi or Salmonella parathypi. This disease is easily found in unsanitary environments, especially in Indonesia where there are still many cases. The bacteria that cause typhus are easily transmitted through food or drinks that are not clean and not cooked properly.

Typhus or typoid fever is a multisystemic disease, meaning that it can cause symptoms in various body systems. Bacteria enter along with food and begin to infect and cause inflammation of the intestines in the digestive tract. Symptoms experienced by sufferers in the initial process of the disease are similar to those of a viral / flu infection, such as fever, feeling unwell, coughing, headache. Typoid fever is usually felt for approximately 7- 14 days, accompanied by abdominal pain, constipation / difficulty in choking, diarrhea, decreased appetite, bitter taste and others. If typoid is not managed properly, you will be at risk of experiencing more severe problems in various organs of the body, including gastrointestinal bleeding, enlargement of the liver and lymph, delirium, impaired consciousness, impaired kidney function, urinary retention, heart problems to marked pulmonary disorders. in the presence of a cough.

Diagnosis of typhoid fever requires a series of laboratory tests, namely blood culture, fluid culture from the digestive organs and fecal culture. In addition, antibody tests to determine bacterial DNA can also be done by serologic testing. The management of typhoid fever is done by administering antibiotics. Apart from giving antibiotics, nutritious food is also important for consumption. The recommended food is food that is crushed / smooth so that it can be properly absorbed and not overload the intestines while working when the infection is occurring. In addition, foods that are high in protein are highly recommended for consumption because they help repair damaged cells and boost the body's immune system. Foods with high fiber content should be avoided, namely fruits and vegetables. If you still want to eat fruit, make sure it contains low fiber and only in its juice.

The following are things that can be done at home as an effort to prevent transmission of pakteri that causes typoid, including:

A culture of hand washing Consuming well-cooked food and drinks Disposing of dirt in the latrine Maintaining environmental hygiene Conducting typoid vaccination If you get complaints that are getting more and more disturbing, do not hesitate to consult directly to your nearest doctor for proper examination and management. I have submitted so much information, hope it helps

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