Effects Of Kidney Stone Surgery.

Illustration of Effects Of Kidney Stone Surgery.
Illustration: Effects Of Kidney Stone Surgery.

Do you want to ask, will kidney stone surgery affect kidney function resulting in kidney failure?

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Kidney stones are formed due to hardening of minerals and salt in the urine so that it settles in the kidney. If these stones are small in size and few in number, they may not cause any clinical symptoms. However, if the size is enlarged, or causes blockage and injury in the urinary tract, then the sufferer may experience urination problems (urination is small but often, urinating is not smooth, urine is bleeding, sandy, cloudy, or has a pungent odor), nausea, vomiting, fever , shivering, also pain around the genitals, waist, lower abdomen, can even spread to the back.

Handling of kidney stones that are still small and often can be done often enough by giving several types of drugs or conservative treatments, such as drinking a lot, limit the consumption of foods containing oxalate, salt, and animal protein, do not like to hold urinating, and discipline to live a healthy lifestyle every the day.

However, if kidney stones are large or block the urinary tract, the doctor will usually recommend more invasive treatments, such as with ESWL (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy), ureteroscopy, and surgery. With this treatment, the risk of dangerous complications can be prevented. Of course, as with other medical procedures, kidney stone surgery is not without risk. However, compared to the risks that might arise due to the kidney stones themselves which damage the kidneys, the risk from this operation is likely to be much smaller, especially if carried out by competent medical personnel. The risk of kidney failure due to kidney stones that are not handled adequately is even greater.

A doctor or urology surgeon who examines and treats patients directly surely understands the best treatment that needs to be done related to the patient's condition. Therefore, consult with him a lot.

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