Effects Of Low Blood Pressure With Fertility?

Illustration of Effects Of Low Blood Pressure With Fertility?
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Good afternoon, I’m eva. You ask doc, can low blood pressure make it difficult to get pregnant ??

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Do you mean low blood pressure or low blood pressure? If yes, blood pressure or low blood pressure is also known as hypotension. Blood pressure is said to be low when it is less than 90 mmHg in systolic (top number) or 60 mmHg in diastolic (bottom number).

If you have a low blood pressure usually will appear symptoms of dizziness, dizzy eyes, the body feels light as if you want to pass out even though fainting, pale. The causes and types of hypotension also vary, following several types of hypotension:

Orthostatic hypotension is a decrease in blood pressure when you change positions, for example suddenly getting up from a sitting or sleeping position, to a standing position. generally, this type of hypotension is experienced by people over 65 years old.
Postprandial hypotension which decreases blood pressure around 20 mm Hg in two hours after eating.
Hypovvasovagal hypotension, which occurs when a person is standing for too long. Children more often experience this type of hypotension than adults, for example standing long at the ceremony
Acute hypotension is hypotension that occurs when your body's organs do not get a sufficient supply of blood and oxygen suddenly. For example occurs in the condition of shock due to various causes, such as severe infections, large amounts of bleeding in a short time, heart attacks, dehydration
Chronic hypotension, chronic in nature for example in heart failure

Actually hypotension is not the direct cause of a person having difficulty getting pregnant. However, if you have symptomatic blood pressure or blood pressure, of course it can disturb your health condition and your activities. Therefore if you experience tension or low blood pressure with these symptoms, you should further consult your doctor at the health facility closest to you.

One of the main steps to get pregnant quickly is to increase fertility, of course it is necessary to have a healthy body condition. here are some tips you can do to increase fertility, for example:

Regularly having sex, getting pregnant quickly is recommended to have sex regularly at least 3-4 times a week. Make sure men have enough sperm levels and neither you nor your partner use contraception.
Perform a healthy lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise, eating nutritious and healthy food, maintaining a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a clean body.
Take folic acid supplements
Avoid habits that are bad for health such as smoking, alcohol consumption
Reduce caffeine consumption
Avoid consumption of undercooked meat and eggs and raw fish because of the risk of containing bacteria, viruses or parasites.

The following article is more about: Pregnancy Planning Tips

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