Effects Of Measles Immunization?

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In the morning, I want to ask my child after the measles immunization, how many days later my child continues to vomit, vomit, is that true?

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Measles immunization mandatory for children is done at the age of 9 months, then a booster is carried out at the age of 18 months and age 5 years. What parents need to know is that after immunization local reactions can occur at the injection site or general reactions in the form of certain symptoms. This reaction is called the post immunization follow-up event (KIPI). The KIPI reaction is generally mild and will disappear quickly.

After measles immunization, a KIPI reaction that can occur include a fever of more than 39.5 degrees Celsius and takes place
for 5 days. In addition, children can also feel weak, loss of appetite, and feel sick for several days.

Likewise, in this case it might indeed be part of the KIPI. It also can arise mild rashes that occur on days 7-10 after immunization and last for 2-4 days.

If fever and vomiting are ongoing then parents should
give more drink (breast milk or fruit juice) and use thin clothes. To relieve fever can also be given paracetamol syrup
every 3-4 hours, a maximum of 6 times in 24 hours.

If complaints persist or even gain weight or if parents are worried you should consult a doctor for an examination.

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