Effects Of Not Getting A TT Injection During Pregnancy?

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Hello. R i am 24 years old and 39w pregnant. However, until now I have not received a TT injection from the midwife where I check it every month. And even when married before, the prospective brides in the past were always given a TT injection but not with me. When I asked the KUA officer … he answered that for those born in the 1990s and above, there was no need for a TT injection because it was complete when I was in elementary school. When I confirmed it to the health center staff, the answer was the same. R nIs it really okay if I don’t have another TT injection ?? r nThank you in advance 🙏🙏

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Hello Mrs. Lenie,

The tetanus toxoid (TT) vaccine is performed to prevent tetanus neonatorum. The bacteria that causes it is Clostidrium tetani, which is in all types of soil, especially those containing manure, house dust, rusted iron, etc. These bacteria enter the body through open wounds.

In the past, this disease occurred in many developing countries, including in Indonesia, because the delivery process was mostly carried out by non-medical personnel with less sterile equipment. Currently, public awareness of delivering births in health facilities with medical personnel is high, and this disease is rarely found, except in areas where traditional birth attendants / other helpers are not trained or in unsanitary environments. In the past, the coverage of tetanus immunization was not as wide as it is today.

Even so, TT immunization is still recommended. In the first pregnancy, the injections are 3 times 4 weeks apart. The timing of administration can vary, but usually the first immunization is given no later than 7 months of age considering that the second immunization must be at least 4 weeks apart.

Currently, your immunization is a little late. But you can consult your gynecologist about whether you need it or not. It is possible to do immunization at this time, but the protection is not optimal. Just make sure you give birth in a health facility, which of course already has a sterilization procedure to prevent tetanus.

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