Effects Of Organophosphate Poisoning?

Illustration of Effects Of Organophosphate Poisoning?
Illustration: Effects Of Organophosphate Poisoning? Bing

..rnMy husband inhaled Hit spray last night, and the initial symptoms of poisoning occurred. But the symptoms immediately disappeared because I immediately took care of them.rnBut today he complained of stomach pain.rnWell, my question isrn1. If the symptoms of poisoning have disappeared, is there a possibility for side effects to occur in the long term?rnThank you

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Hello ainiirawan

Organophosphate is one of the ingredients found in insect repellent. Symptoms of organophosphate poisoning are divided into 3 types, namely muscarinic, nicotinic and central nervous system effects.

Muscarinic effects may occur in:

Heart: Slow heart rate, hypotension Respiratory: nasal discharge, shortness of breath, cough Digestion: profuse salivation, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea Urinary tract: unable to hold urine Gland: profuse sweating

The nicotinic effect may include cramping, weakness, hypertension, rapid pulse, pallor and dilated pupils.

Central nervous system effects that can occur:

Anxiety Emotions unstable Confused Loss of balance Shaking Seizures Coma Stopped breathing

It could be that what your husband is feeling is a symptom that has not gone away. But it can also be caused such as gastritis (ulcer), stomach ulcers, intestinal movement disorders and others.

It's good with a history of inhaling mosquito repellent, you take your husband to the doctor to confirm the symptoms experienced. The doctor will check immediately to make sure. Therapy will be tailored to the conditions experienced by your husband.

I hope this helps.

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