Effects Of Penis Cutting On Fertility?

Illustration of Effects Of Penis Cutting On Fertility?
Illustration: Effects Of Penis Cutting On Fertility? Bing

, sorry to interrupt the time, I want to ask if a male penis that has been cut can still have children. Please explain, doctor, thank you in advance

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In men with a history of having a penis that has been cut so that the length of the penis will be shorter, it is likely that they will still be able to produce offspring. Penis that is cut or cut due to certain conditions is still able to have an erection, and ejaculate, as well as the ability to produce good sperm (as long as the doctor does not find any problems with sperm production).

Thus, the cut penis does not affect its reproductive ability for fertilization, but has limitations in terms of its sexual function.

However, this still requires direct examination by a urologist or andrologist, because to ensure all matters relating to reproductive health and ability, an immediate examination by a competent doctor is required. Without direct inspection, everything is generally a possibility and conjecture based on the information you provide.

Therefore, give advice to the person concerned to conduct a direct examination to a urologist or andrologist.

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