Effects Of Pre-marital Vaccination After Marriage?

Illustration of Effects Of Pre-marital Vaccination After Marriage?
Illustration: Effects Of Pre-marital Vaccination After Marriage? psypost.org

, I want to ask about vaccines before marriage, I didn’t do those vaccines which many people do because they forget, is it really fatal? is it still useful if done after marriage? and if there is a vaccine that I have to do after I get married, what kind of vaccines please?

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Hello, good afternoon Tasa.

Pre-marital immunization is one of the medical preparations for those who are planning to get married. This immunization is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. By carrying out pre-marital immunizations, it is hoped that it will reduce the risk of certain diseases that can harm a person after being sexually active and from diseases that can harm the fetus in future pregnancies. Some of the recommended pre-marital immunizations include:

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) immunization. HPV is a virus that in certain types can cause cervical cancer and genital warts. This disease will be more at risk in women who are sexually active, therefore immunization before marriage is recommended. HPV immunization was carried out 3 times with the distance between the first immunizations being 2 weeks from the first immunization, and the 3rd immunization being 6 months from the first immunization. However, pregnancy conditions are a contraindication to giving this vaccine, so if you are planning to immunize HPV, you should at least delay pregnancy until 6 months after the first immunization.

Hepatitis B immunization to prevent the risk of hepatitis B disease which can be sexually transmitted, as well as through body fluids and mother's blood to the fetus during childbirth. The hepatitis B vaccine is given 3-4 times over a period of 6 months (usually given with the HPV vaccine). Hepatitis B immunization during pregnancy is safe and does not affect the fetus.
TT (Tetanus) immunization. This immunization is given to prevent tetanus, which can harm both the mother, pregnancy, and the baby at birth. This immunization is given 3 times, with the d distance of the immunization to-d is 1 month from the first immunization, and the distance of the 3rd immunization is 6 months since the first immunization. This immunization can be given when pregnant.
MMR immunization. This immunization aims to prevent Mumps (mumps), Measles (measles), and Rubella infection, all of which are very dangerous if they occur during pregnancy because they can increase the risk of fetal defects. This vaccine is given once, but it is not allowed to be done if pregnant.
Varicella immunization. This immunization is done to prevent chickenpox, which is also dangerous to the fetus if it occurs during pregnancy. This immunization is also given only once, and is not allowed to be done if you are pregnant

So, in general, these immunizations can actually be done both before and after marriage and the vaccines will certainly still be useful after marriage. But what needs to be watched out for is that there are several types of vaccines that are not allowed if done in a pregnant state (you can read above about what vaccines are not allowed to be given during pregnancy). Please consult an obstetrician first about the vaccine you will do, ok?

I hope this helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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