Effects Of Sleep For The Skin?

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, why every time I wake up in the morning my skin is smoother than usual? and such as my overtime last night, I only sleep 2-3 hours, my skin is not smooth like when I sleep 4-5 hours. even though I am overtime, I use the same night cream, the same as when I sleep longer. Please answer yes. Thanks.

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Basically, all the organs of the human body, including the skin, will regenerate and repair themselves while you are sleeping. When sleeping at night, the skin will repair the damage that occurs (including damage due to sun exposure), the old skin will change to new skin, and collagen production in the skin will also increase. Therefore, getting enough sleep at night is very very crucial to maintain the health of your skin. When someone lacks sleep, his skin can look more dull because the above processes do not take place properly.

The use of night cream is actually quite important to maintain healthy skin because during sleep this body temperature will also increase so that a lot of fluid out of the skin. This causes the skin to become very dry if you don't use a moisturizing cream. However, the use of night creams only helps the process of skin regeneration and maintain skin moisture while sleeping at night, the amount of sleep affects the health of your skin more.

To keep your skin healthy, you must make sure you get enough sleep every day (at least 7-9 hours a day), enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals from your food, and enough to drink every day (drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day).

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