Effects Of Taking Breast Enlargement Pills?

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I live in Japan now and plan to buy breast enlargement drugs in pill form. My friend is Japanese. The content in the pill is Black Cohosh and Wild Yam. Here breast enlargement drugs are sold very freely and are widely used by famous artists. Dr Medicine here also has no appeal for breast cancer or other diseases. But I have cells that can become breast cancer. Such a lump. I want to buy, but I want to make sure what the side effects are. Why does medicine in Indonesia not recommend using breast enlargement drugs while in Japan it is permissible?

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Hello Aurelia,

Thank you for the question.

Breast size can vary from person to person depending on many factors, such as genetics, age, hormonal conditions, having been pregnant or breastfeeding or not, a history of illness or certain medications consumed, and so on. Breast size actually does not correlate directly with the breast's health status. Even small breasts, as long as they do not experience complaints (such as lumps, swelling, pain, itching) and its function is not disturbed (can still breastfeed), then there is no need to worry.

Even so, not a few women who crave large breast size because it is considered to support appearance. In the medical realm itself, efforts to increase breast size might be done in several ways, for example:

Doing exercises to tighten the breast muscles, such as swimming, lifting weights, push ups, yoga
Maintaining a healthy diet and balanced nutritional value so that the hormonal balance that regulates the growth of breast cells is maintained
Maintain cleanliness of the breast area and its surroundings
Perform certain medical procedures, such as consumption of synthetic hormones, silicone or saline implants, and plastic surgery

The breast enlargement products that you mentioned according to the manufacturer contain herbal extracts that can stimulate the production of hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, are also useful as antioxidants, so they can help nourish the breast. However, certainty related to the effectiveness of this product in increasing breast size, as well as the risk of side effects if consumed long term is still not much researched. In providing treatment for patients, doctors should carefully consider scientific evidence of the effectiveness of these treatments and the risk of side effects (evidence based medicine). So, if a treatment is considered not yet clear the benefits are also the risk of side effects, then it is not right if the doctor gives it to the patient, for the patient's own good. As for the regulations in the country where you currently live, of course, only the government of that country knows it best.

Our advice, if indeed you experience a lump in the breast, do not carelessly consume drugs, including any herbal products as you mentioned. It is feared, the lump in your breast is malignant and the risk of enlarging due to the influence of certain hormones. If this is the case, of course consumption of herbal hormone-stimulating products as you mentioned can cause lumps to get bigger and dangerous for your own health. Check with your doctor or surgeon first so that the cause of a lump in your breast is identified and handled properly. That way, you can be given a solution directly by a doctor so you can grow your breasts safely.

Hope this helps ...

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