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Hello, I have two questions. What are the long-term effects of brain cancer treatment? Back in March 1993 when grade 4 elementary school I was diagnosed with stage 2b brain cancer and amen was quickly treated and was able to survive until now. The treatment at that time was handled by Prof. Dr. Padmo Sandjodo, SpBS and his team Dr. Alfred, Dr. Hanafi, etc. Operations at the RSCM March 19, 1993 but the cancer was not removed because it was deep in the cerebellum, pairs of light to overcome hydrocephallus and after that I was advised u to irradiate. Stage 1 radiation 45 times, but after being re-checked there is an additional 15 more times. At that time, what I remember was that I was given a mask from mica from head to back, at that time what was shined was the head and back. For 3 years I underwent treatment and was declared cured. But still doing regular check ups. At this time, thyroid and lymph glands often appear irregular. And this disrupts my activities as a child volunteer “cancer at one of the children’s cancer foundations. I continue to treat this disease but: 2. Could the thyroid / lymph become cancer again because the results of my health check are ti-rads 4. Because treatment with BPJS I got a resume u met with a doctor on fees on 2 December 2019 at Tangerang District Hospital. Next I attach the new thyroid ultrasound file. “rims.

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Hello Arlia, Thank you for the question.

1. Radiotherapy is one treatment aimed at overcoming cancer, by using X-ray energy to stop the growth of cancer cells and prevent spread. This action is often combined with other treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy in order to cope with cancer to the fullest. Some of the side effects of radiotherapy are diarrhea, skin flushing, swelling of the feet and hands, hair loss, mouth ulcers, fatigue, decreased appetite, and joint and muscle pain. In addition to these side effects, a history of radiotherapy can also increase a person's risk of developing other cancers, especially in the target area of ​​radiotherapy. For example, a history of radiotherapy in the head and neck area can increase the risk of developing nasopharyngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, thyroid cancer, and cancer in other areas of the body.

2. What complaints are you experiencing right now? Is it a lump in the neck? Lumps in the neck can be caused by a number of health conditions such as swollen lymph nodes, thyroid disease, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, or glandular TB. To find out the cause, further tests such as USG need to be done. Thyroid imaging report and data system (TIRADS) is a classification that aims to determine the possible risk of cancer in thyroid lumps that are detected from traits found by ultrasound examination. TIRADS consists of TIRADS 1 to TIRADS 6. TIRADS 4 represents the possibility that a thyroid lump detected from ultrasound is a malignant lump, with a possibility ranging from 5% to 80%. However, of course to ensure the results of ultrasound requires further examination in the form of a biopsy, namely examination of tissue samples taken from the lump. For this reason, you are referred to consult with a specialist surgeon tumor / oncologist. The doctor will again ask for your complaint, examine you, and determine the next treatment that can take the form of blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, and biopsies. After ascertaining the cause of the lump, the doctor will determine further treatment.

Please follow the advice of the doctor who treated you before. Don't forget to prepare questions when you consult with an oncology specialist further.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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