Eliminates Visible Neck Protrusions When Swallowing?

Illustration of Eliminates Visible Neck Protrusions When Swallowing?
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How to remove globus on the neck visible when swallowing?

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When humans swallow, normally you can see a bulge that moves up and down which is a bulge of the thyroid cartilage (which is often also called Adam's apple or Adam's apple). This bulge is not a gland but cartilage (cartilage). Women and men both have this bulge, but usually this bulge is more dominant and more visible in men. If what you mean by visible globus on the neck is this thyroid cartilage bulge, then the way to get rid of it is to do surgery.

Another thing that can cause a bulge in the neck area that moves when swallowing is an enlargement of the thyroid gland, also known as a goiter. Normally the thyroid gland is small and not visible from the outside of the neck so it is not visible when you swallow. When there is an enlarged thyroid gland, you will be able to see this gland protruding under the bulge of the thyroid cartilage and moving along when swallowing. Sometimes the magnification cannot be seen, but it can be felt by hand.

If what you mean by the protruding gland is the thyroid gland, it is necessary to further evaluate the cause of the enlargement of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland can become enlarged due to various causes, including:

iodine deficiency
Graves' disease
Hashimoto's disease
thyroid nodule (can be just one or many)
thyroid cancer

The clinical manifestations and management of each of the above causes can be different. Therefore, if you do see an enlarged thyroid gland in your neck, you should immediately consult a doctor for further evaluation. Some of the tests that your doctor can do to determine the cause of an enlarged thyroid gland include thyroid hormone tests, antibody tests, ultrasound, thyroid scans, or biopsy if necessary. The procedure will be adjusted to the results of the above examinations.

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