Emotional Development In Children Aged 3 Years?

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Tonight, dr … my son is now 3 years old. So far, if he’s angry or crying, the word “what he came out with was a song he often watched, why could it be like that, and when he was just born around the age of” 2 years his skin was really white but over time the koc turns black like burning even though he never sunbathing and the changes are somewhat drastic, please explain, thank you😊

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From the info you convey,

1. when your child begins to understand and understand the environment, then the child can imitate some of the things he learns and is familiar with in his daily life. So that the interaction and communication of children in their infancy is very necessary and cared for so that children recognize and carry out positive interactions in their daily life.

For example, if children from the beginning learn to communicate more watching television shows such as cartoons that only use sign language, or show bad behavior, or programs that are not for the child's developmental age, the child may tend to imitate and imitate what he sees and he listen up.

Therefore limiting the time children watch TV and choosing programs for children's age will help reduce risks such as the complaints you convey. In addition, increasing the time you spend with your child will improve your child's communication skills and your closeness to your child.

2. Changes in skin color in children, with various variations, is a form of natural changes that children experience during their growth. Skin changes also depend on race, genetics, and sun exposure (such as children playing outside, which is normal).

Unless this skin change complaint is accompanied by changes in the child's health condition, such as swelling in the child's body, complaints of itching, or due to an infection. So it is necessary to do direct evaluation and direct examination to a pediatrician.

Consider consulting directly with your pediatrician regarding your child's habits, child development, and complaints of discoloration in your child. With a direct examination by a doctor, it can be seen the condition of the child's growth and development and abnormalities that may cause disturbances in the child's health condition.

Thus, if necessary care and treatment, from an early age this can be done immediately.

That is the information we can convey, also read the effect of tv on babies.

dr. Ulfi

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