Emotions Of Children Aged 13 Years Are Unstable?


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Adolescence is a period where children are looking for their true identity. At this time, adolescents need a lot of guidance and support from good examples, especially parents and close family, in order to grow into a good person and more mature in the future. If this is not obtained, then the opposite can occur.

Your child's condition can be a normal symptom of juvenile delinquency, but it can also refer to a psychiatric disorder, such as oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), bipolar disorder, personality disorder, delusional disorder, schizophrenia, and so on. It could also, in fact this effort he made solely to get more attention from you, the teacher, or the people around him. Or, maybe this action is also done to cover up his shortcomings or inability to achieve his desires.

This condition, before proceeding to a more dangerous action, should be checked in early by a doctor or psychiatrist. With more in-depth psychiatric interviews, coupled with a number of other examinations, doctors are often able to distinguish which are reasonable conditions and which are included psychiatric disorders. Depending on the cause, later your child's condition can be handled varied.

In the meantime, as a parent, you should do:

Expand your time to make your child peaceful. Be fully present to him, don't be excluded from other activities.
Encourage your child to talk more heart to heart. Get to know what he wants. Teach him good and bad for all the actions he does.
Dig deeper, if your child has a particular problem, help him find a solution to the problem.
Be a person who is fun for your child, do not judge, do not rebuke, let alone commit violence.
Compact as a parent, both mother and father, in setting a good example for your child.
Accompany your child to live a healthy lifestyle in his daily life, keep him away from excessive use of gadgets, help also choose a good social environment for him.
Coordinate with the teacher at school to educate your child to be a better person.

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