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Hello … n2 years ago I was hospitalized for more than 10 days due to encephalitis. 6 months later the doctor said I was cured ….. I am currently in late pregnancy, my gynecologist advised me to have a cesarean section, even though I wanted to give birth normally. And I rarely have that headache again ….. But the doctor said it would be a risk for my safety. How ???? Can I still force myself to give birth to nirmal ??

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Hello Hany, Thank you for the question.

Encephalitis is an infection that occurs in the brain that can cause increased pressure inside the skull (intracranial pressure). An increase in intracranial pressure can occur when there is increased pressure in the chest cavity such as coughing, pressure in the abdominal cavity, for example from straining, or from performing the Valsalva maneuver (eg exhaling forcefully with the mouth and nose closed). Normal labor can also cause a temporary increase in intracranial pressure when the woman tries to push to push the baby out. This labor process will be more dangerous if at the same time you also have increased intracranial pressure. If this condition has occurred 2 years ago and is declared cured it should not cause an increase in intracranial pressure at this time. My advice is that you should consult with other obstetricians for a second opinion regarding your condition. The doctor needs to examine you first to determine the next steps. If necessary, your obstetrician will refer you to a neurologist for further tests before the birth process takes place.

Hope this information is helpful.

Dr. Aloisia

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