Enlarged Lumps Accompanied By Pain In The Anus?

Illustration of Enlarged Lumps Accompanied By Pain In The Anus?
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pounding right side there are hard lumps and pain, the pressure is also very painful, and in my vagina came out blood too but only a little. What disease do you think? Do you have to operate? Thank you

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Painful lumps in the right rectum often arise due to hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids). Hemorrhoids usually appear as reddish lumps resembling flesh that can disappear and arise or appear continuously accompanied by the release of fresh blood from the anus. When inflamed, a lump due to hemorrhoids can swell and make the sufferer feel quite severe pain. Not only that, in more severe conditions, these lumps can also be pinched to experience tissue death and make sufferers have difficulty defecating, experiencing nausea, and vomiting that needs to be treated quickly and correctly. Bleeding due to hemorrhoids can also be attached to the vagina so as if blood appears from the vagina. It could also, bleeding from the anus flowing into the vagina because there are channels that connect it (fistula).

It could also be, a painful lump in your rectum arising from other causes, such as anal cancer, colorectal cancer, benign tumors (such as polyps or fibromas), anal abscesses, other viral or bacterial infections, and so on. Meanwhile, a little bleeding out of your vagina, can also arise due to disruption of hormonal balance, menstruation, injury to the sex organs, myoma, pelvic inflammation, endometriosis, uterine polyps, even malignancy.

Is your condition dangerous, and whether treatment should be done with surgery, the answer can only be known after it is clear what causes the lump and bleeding. Therefore, you should go to see your doctor directly. If you feel the need, the doctor may also refer you to a surgeon or obstetrician in order to get further treatment. Ultrasound examinations, biopsies, etc. may be recommended by doctors if deemed necessary.

At this time, you should not pull or squeeze any lumps that appear. Don't sit too much, don't use tight pants, and don't lift things that are too heavy for a while. Soak in warm water so that pain around the rectum is reduced. Expand to eat fruit, vegetables, and drink water so that the bowel movement more smoothly. Do not forget, multiply rest, exercise regularly, maintain ideal body weight, and do not carelessly take medication without a doctor's recommendation.

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