Enlarged Lymph Nodes Behind The Ears Of A 4 Month Old Child?

Illustration of Enlarged Lymph Nodes Behind The Ears Of A 4 Month Old Child?
Illustration: Enlarged Lymph Nodes Behind The Ears Of A 4 Month Old Child? drgreene.com

Hello, my baby is now 4 months old. There was an enlarged lymph node at the back of his ear. What is this sign? Her BB increase was only around 500 gr in the 3rd month. Even this month her BB only increased by 200 grams. Trs there is mucus in his respiratory tract, even though Dy is not in a cold state.

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Please note, lumps that appear behind the ear are not always caused by swollen lymph nodes, but can also be due to skin infections, skin tags, benign or malignant tumors, and various other reasons. Therefore, if the doctor has not examined the lump, you should not make too early conclusions.

If it is true that the lump behind your child's ear is due to swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy), then the most common cause is a tuberculosis infection. This infection can primarily attack the lymph nodes around the ear (TB lymphadenitis), or it can also attack other organs (for example the lungs) whose lymphatic drainage leads to the lymph nodes around the ears and neck.

TB lymphadenitis is usually characterized by swollen lymph nodes that are painful, rubbery, and easy to move. Patients generally will also experience other symptoms, such as prolonged fever, excessive sweating, weight loss or difficulty gaining, weakness, decreased appetite, and so on. If this condition occurs due to the spread of inflammation to other parts of the body, other complaints may arise which vary depending on the infected organ.

In addition to TB, lymphadenitis can also occur due to infection with other microorganisms, for example syphilis, cytomegalovirus, HIV, cat scratch marks skin infections, and so on. Or, swollen lymph nodes can also occur due to factors other than infection, such as lymphoma or leukemia.

Monitoring a child's growth status is not solely measured by weight gain. In general, babies aged 4 months normally weigh 6.2 to 7.8 in boys and 5.5 to 7.3 kg in girls. However, this growth status should ideally be compared with height, head circumference, and in-depth interviews regarding the child's general medical history. If it is true that your child's weight is less than the standard age benchmark, then this condition may strengthen the possibility of a diagnosis of TB infection. However, it does not rule out the possibility of growth retardation due to other causes, for example nutritional deficiency, digestive disorders, thyroid gland disorders, and so on.

Regarding other complaints of your child, the excessive production of mucus in the airways can occur due to many factors, often due to cold environmental conditions, allergies, gastric acid reflux, to respiratory tract infections.

You should get your child checked directly to a doctor or pediatrician. The doctor will likely not only conduct interviews and physical examinations, but also direct your child to undergo further examinations, such as the Mantoux test, X-rays, blood tests, and so on for the best treatment. can be determined.

In the meantime, don't squeeze or treat in any way the lump that appears behind your child's ear. Always keep the child clean and the environment around the child. Make sure you give your child enough breast milk, without adding anything else to eat or drink before he turns 6 months old. If any of your close relatives has TB, keep him away from close contact with children. Avoid the child from being exposed to excessive cold temperatures, dust, smoke and other air pollutants.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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