Enlarged Moles After Using Beauty Creams?

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my name is ana I have a complaint on my right cheek I used to have a small mole spot but it died I couldn’t grow big when I used Kalimantan cream, my mole spot grew bigger due to itching accidentally scratched my nails and the wound since then the wound never healed I don’t know what medicine should I give … mhn the information and what should I do …. thanks …

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Hi Ana,

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Contact between a mole and improper skin care products can trigger allergies or irritation (in the medical realm this is called contact dermatitis). This condition can cause symptoms of inflammation, such as itching, burning, swelling (the mole looks enlarged), peeling, and so on. If the inflamed skin is scratched excessively, it can cause sores.

Wounds that are small and superficial in size will generally heal within a gradual period without requiring special treatment. As for wounds that do not heal for a long time as you have experienced, it can indicate a variety of conditions, such as a lack of nutritional intake for the skin, a less than optimal immune system that causes wounds to be prone to secondary infections, blood clotting disorders, and various other diseases. It could also be, this wound will not heal due to its size or its significant depth.

It is best if you do not let your complaints go without a doctor's examination or a dermatologist. It is feared that your complaint is not solely the result of a wound healing disorder, but because of a malignancy (namely melanoma) which initially only looks like an ordinary mole. With a doctor's examination directly, or assisted by a biopsy, the doctor can determine the best treatment.

Currently, you can first do the following tips:

Diligently wash your hands and shorten nails Do not scratch excessively itchy skin, especially with sharp and dirty nails Clean your wounds regularly 2 times a day using a gauze soaked in NaCl or povidone iodine (antiseptic) Diligent washing your face using the right soap No rubbing Excessive facial skin Protect skin from exposure to direct sunlight and other irritants that are harmful to skin health. Hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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