Enlargement Of The Skull After Overthinking?

Illustration of Enlargement Of The Skull After Overthinking?
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greetings ….. I want to ask …… for two years I had a brain disorder caused by overthinking …… one day I felt my skull getting bigger …. was my bone marrow growing due to overthinking … but the changes in the body do not apply …. this change in my skull was in effect when I was 18 years old … in fact my ears also looked bigger compared to first …. please explain …… whether the factors that caused my head members to all get bigger …

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Hi shak

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Overthinking, can cause you to experience a variety of health problems, both in terms of mental and physical. This condition occurs because, when overthinking, nerve impulses that enter the brain to various parts of the body will increase. Not only that, increased production of stress hormones (especially adrenaline) also contributes to this. Therefore, various complaints can arise, including sensations such as enlargement in various parts of the body, when in fact not.

Instead, to be more objective, first try to measure how much you weigh, is it really increasing significantly compared to before?

If not, then most likely, the condition that you experience is purely due to a mental disorder that is affected by the overthinking. You can overcome this condition in the following ways:

Expand to do relaxation and meditation so that the mind and heart are calmer. Don't think about anything complicated and excessive Try to do your best, then leave the results to God Be assured, that everything that applies in your life, all with the permission of God. God is also the one who knows which is best for you. Mix with a good colleague, who is able to remind you to always behave positively. Live your daily routine, including regarding sleep patterns, eating, exercise, etc. Busy yourself with good activities, For example, by exercising, honing a hobby, taking a vacation, worshiping. Do not carelessly consume drugs without doctor's advice. However, if you really find that your weight and body size have increased (after being measured objectively), then this condition may arise due to other causes, for example changes hormonal, undisturbed diet, thyroid gland disorders, drug side effects, and so on.

We urge you to check your complaint first to a doctor or psychiatrist so that it is handled correctly, right? Not always with drug administration, your complaints can also be addressed by other doctors, such as psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, group therapy, and so.

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