My doc for 2 weeks left ear ache and accompanied by yellow liquid doc ?? The pain reaches my head and left jaw, so it’s hard to move? That’s why my doctor wants to consult with the hospital. Is this dangerous and what is the recommended medicine, doc, thank you very much

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Hello Titin, thank you for asking.

Severe pain in the ear, accompanied by discharge, may be a form of ear infection. Infection can occur in the external ear or middle ear. Infection can be caused by bacteria, fungi, or other parasites. The presence of wounds (for example due to prying ears), foreign bodies in the ear canal, the process of recurrent rhinitis, increases the risk of infection. Infection can interfere with hearing, especially if it occurs in the middle ear.

Middle ear infection accompanied by discharge, most likely occurs in the eardrum tear. This certainly can interfere with hearing if not handled quickly and correctly. During this pandemic, it is not advisable to go to a health center, unless you are experiencing an emergency situation. However, given your condition has the risk of hearing loss, you should consult face to face with your doctor. The doctor needs to assess the condition of your ear canal and eardrum. Treatment in the form of drugs, can only be given after you go through a physical examination.

Avoid dropping anything into the ear, without doctor's advice. Do not pry ears with any object. Wear a mask (of any material) when going to the health center. When in public spaces, especially in health centers where there are a lot of sick people, wash your hands with soap as often as possible and don't touch your face.

Hopefully this information can be of little help. Regards.

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