Episetomy (childbirth) Wound Between The Urinary Tract And The Childbirth Opening?

Illustration of Episetomy (childbirth) Wound Between The Urinary Tract And The Childbirth Opening?
Illustration: Episetomy (childbirth) Wound Between The Urinary Tract And The Childbirth Opening? images.medindia.net

Sincerely, hbs hbs hbs 3 months later today bru moved my heart to see labor wounds and if my wound broke between the urethra and my childbirth opened but I did x rsa ap2 no suddenly a light green liquid came out of my channel x psti sluran where the following between the urethra and the tract of childbirth I broke and is there any danger

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Perhaps you are referring to an episiotomy wound that tears back and leaks a light green discharge.

An episiotomy is a perineal cutting procedure that is often performed to facilitate vaginal delivery. In addition, an episiotomy can also help prevent large and irregular tearing of the perineum due to pressure from the lower part of the fetus, making it easier to suture later.

Post-delivery, if no other complications are found, the episiotomy scars will heal completely within 2 to 4 weeks. This healing process can be characterized by the skin that has closed, does not feel pain, no longer bleeds, and does not produce abnormal secretions.

The condition you are experiencing is likely due to an infection in the episiotomy scar. This infection is prone to occur if you do not properly keep your perineal area clean, including for example if you are afraid to rinse it for fear of pain, or so on. Inadequate control after childbirth, poor endurance, and unhealthy sexual activity can also increase the risk of this infection. Because of this infection, the wound healing process can be hampered and the wound is prone to tearing again.

If it is true that your condition occurs due to infection, then you need to immediately check your complaint with an obstetrician. It is feared that an infection in the perineum that is not handled properly can spread to other areas around it, such as the urinary tract, anus, rectum, or even to other distant areas. This of course can also affect your overall health condition, especially if you are currently breastfeeding your baby with breast milk (breast milk). Usually, by conducting a direct inspection, the doctor is able to determine what kind of treatment is right for dealing with your complaint, whether it is enough with medication, wound care, or maybe re-suturing.

At this point, you should better take care of your perineal area. Clean well using clean water your pubic after every toilet. Limit sexual intercourse first to minimize the risk of transmitting the infection to the partner. Always wear clean underwear and pants, and change them regularly at least 2 times a day. Do not forget, always eat healthy and nutritionally balanced foods so that your immune system is maintained and the healing process can run more optimally.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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