Esophageal Wounds?

Afternoon doctor nI want to ask nThere are sores in my esophagus like thrush, reddened and confined. NAlready at gastroscopy nI am very worried about my pain nIt has been more than 2 weeks of running this pain nShealing and painful swallowing

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Wounds in the esophagus (the tube that connects the oral cavity to the stomach), reddening, and concave indicates the presence of an inflammation called esophagitis, if allowed to erode the esophagus to the deeper tissue causing a wound called an esophageal ulcer.

Esophagitis can cause pain and difficulty swallowing, mouth sores, and pain in the chest. Esophagitis is often the result of an underlying disease, such as;

- GERD, the increase in stomach acid into the esophagus is usually caused by the performance of the valve in the stomach that is not functioning properly

- Eosinophilic esophagitis, caused by an allergic process such as food, causing inflammation in the esophagus

- Infectious esophagitis, caused by an infection in the esophagus either by bacteria, viruses, or fungi

Drug-induced esophagitis, such as pain relievers (ibuprofen and aspirin)

To get the right treatment for esophagitis in addition to relieving symptoms, it is necessary to know the cause first because of the different causes of different treatments. If you don't get proper treatment, esophagitis can cause structural changes in the esophagus, so that the esophagus will become narrowed. In addition, a complication that can arise is Barrett's esophagus, which has serious damage and is prone to developing cancer. We recommend that you consult the doctor who examined you to get the right treatment.

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