Esophagus Pain?

Illustration of Esophagus Pain?
Illustration: Esophagus Pain?

I have a sore throat, my throat is already reddish, just the food must be soft. Is it inflammation or what?

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Pain, redness, and difficulty swallowing in the throat can indeed indicate an inflammation (pharyngitis). This inflammation has many possible triggers, including dry throat, allergies, irritation, viral or bacterial infections, gastric acid reflux, drug side effects, and so on. Some other more serious conditions, namely malignancy or impaired immunity can also trigger pharyngitis.

Not just pain, redness, and difficulty swallowing in the throat, not infrequently, pharyngitis can also trigger coughing, phlegm throat, vomiting, hoarseness, and many other complaints.

If you experience complaints like this, and have happened more than 3 days or appear with a very disturbing intensity, we recommend that you consult yourself directly to the doctor or ENT specialist. Some types of medication your doctor can prescribe so that your complaints improve. It could also, the doctor directs you to undergo further examination, such as a laboratory.

For now, try to do it first:

Drink more warm water
Don't over-drink drinks that are cold, contain artificial sweeteners, caffeinated, or fizzy
Expand to eat foods that are soft and easy to digest, don't be too spicy, oily, sour, or fatty
Eat small but frequent portions
Don't shout too much
Do not breathe through the mouth
A diligent toothbrush, followed by gargling using a saline solution
Do not smoke
Don't use air conditioner or excessive fan, use air humidifier if necessary
much rest

Hope this helps ...

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