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doctorrnrnDoc I want to ask ifrnMy father’s height:168rnMy mother’s height: 170rnrnWhat do you think my height prediction will bernMy height now 165 not yet pubescentrnrnPlease answer

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Height is one of the things that can affect a person's confidence. Having the ideal height is the desire of many people. However, there are several factors that affect a person's height, such as genetic factors, nutritional intake, and physical activity.

Actually, there is no benchmark for the ideal maximum height based on each gender in both men and women. In general, growth in height after puberty. However, the maximum height that a person can achieve can be predicted by the formula:

For males: [(Mother's TB + Father's TB) + 13 cm] divided by 2 For females: [(Mother's + Father's TB) - 13 cm] divided by 2 So if your father's height is 168 cm and your mother's height is 170 cm, then the maximum possible height you can reach is 175.5 cm if a boy and 165 cm if a girl. Here are some tips for increasing height, such as:

Doing regular exercise, especially sports that can increase height, such as jumping rope, running, basketball, and cycling Take adequate rest at least 8-9 hours per day because during sleep the body produces growth hormones Consume nutritious and nutritious food, especially food which contain lots of protein, calcium, and vitamin D such as cabbage, fish, mushrooms, broccoli, chicken meat, crab fish Avoid caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol consumption. Hope it is useful.

dr. Thoriqotil H.M.

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