Estimates In Measuring Fetal Body Weight Via Ultrasound?

Illustration of Estimates In Measuring Fetal Body Weight Via Ultrasound?
Illustration: Estimates In Measuring Fetal Body Weight Via Ultrasound?

In the afternoon .. is BPJ 3991 on USG. Later the result of my son’s birth will also come out that much ??

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The image you see on an ultrasound monitor is a reflection of sound waves emitted through a device called a probe. The principle used in this tool is the use of ultrasound / high frequency sound waves (more than 20,000Hz) which are then converted into image form. Basically, ultrasound in pregnancy examination is used to assess several important things, namely:

determine the estimated delivery date. monitoring fetal development in the womb as measured by fetal length, fetal head size, fetal abdominal size and fetal long bones ensure that the fetus grows inside birth or not outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy) determines the number of fetuses and fetal position and the placenta detects any congenital abnormalities in the fetus (hydrocephalus, spinal abnormalities, cardiac abnormalities, etc.) Estimates in measuring fetal body weight are determined by taking measurements of fetal biometry (head size, perutt size and fetal bone length). The value obtained is then calculated automatically using a formula. However, accuracy in measurements using ultrasound is sometimes not always appropriate especially if done at an increasingly gestational age. This is because the growing fetal volume will cause measurement in one area will become increasingly difficult, and in the end will be obtained results that sometimes differ somewhat with the actual results. Some things that affect the accuracy of fetal measurements in addition to increasing the size of the fetus are:

fetal head position of the fetus has entered the pelvis as little as fat amniotic fluid in the mother's abdomen (thick / thin) The normal weight range for fetuses that have entered the age of the third trimester is around 2.9 to 3.6 kg. If the fetal body weight is more than this range, it will increase the risk of difficulties during childbirth, such as:

bleeding at birth or after birth tearing of the birth canal disruption of the mother's tailbone The difficulty of the baby's birth broken baby's neck bone This will be easier for babies weighing more than 4 kg before birth arrives. Some things that affect the weight of a large baby include:

Pregnant women who have chronic diseases of diabetes Pregnant women with obesity A history of giving birth to a large baby in a previous pregnancy But we strongly urge you not to stress and worry too much because excess stress will be at risk not good for your pregnancy. You should seek a second opinion from another obstetrician to look for an estimate of your current fetal weight, and ask if the condition is healthy and it is still likely to be born normally.

While at home you can do a few simple things to reduce your fetal weight gain, including by:

keep your weight from increasing during the last trimester of pregnancy you adopt a healthy diet by eating lots of fibrous foods and avoid foods that are too sweet or high in carbohydrates do physical exercise such as pregnancy exercise to burn excess calories so it does not accumulate in your fetus and your body avoids excessive stress that will damage your mood so look for escape in food. Thus we can convey to you, hopefully our information can help you in understanding and understanding your current pregnancy condition. thanks.

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