Evasive Response When Meeting Other People?

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My family has a younger class maybe he often avoids my time passing what’s wrong I might if he is disturbed

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Psychiatric / psychological disorders can be in the form of problems with personality, mood, diet, psychotic, obsessions and compulsions, impulse control (addiction), disorders after traumatic events.

So there are many types of mental disorders. Avoidance response when meeting other people in adolescents, is not always related to psychological disorders. Adolescents with the Autism spectrum also have problems with social interaction, especially with peers, so that adolescents with Austism tend to be alone and avoid when their unfamiliar peers approach them.

When other people avoid you, it can arise due to common social causes such as lack of confidence, feeling intimidated, being annoyed by your voice / body movements / scent or having a social mismatch with you. To find out this, of course you have to first ask the close person concerned. After getting information about the possible causes, you can try to get your younger class to talk openly about this problem.

Determining whether a person has a psychological disorder / not must be based on a psychological evaluation of a psychologist / psychiatrist. Of course, your younger siblings must have complaints or symptoms that interfere with their daily activities, social relationships with people around them, and academic achievement. If there is indeed a conspicuous problem, a structured question and answer session and periodic observation by competent experts are required.

Avoiding meeting other people even experiencing unpleasant physical symptoms can indeed be experienced in social anxiety disorder. But this means that someone not only avoids meeting you, but also avoids meeting other people, especially strangers, refusing to use public facilities and refusing to do activities in front of other people / public places. This condition should also be evaluated by a psychologist / psychiatrist.

Read here about the kinds of mental disorders.

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