Even Though I’m Normal, Can I Take Erection Medicine?

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I want to ask, I have sex up to 2x, with a distance of approximately half to an hour. Now for the third time it is difficult to stand up even though the lust is still there, is it possible to drink stendra with the lowest dose allowed? only for the occasional unsustainable. Thank you.

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Hello Adam, thank you for asking.

You need to understand first that in sexual relations there is a so-called rekfater period in men. This period occurs after a person reaches orgasm and ejaculation. During this period, the body is recovering after orgasm and ejaculation. This recovery is important to prepare the body for further sexual stimulation. The length of the refractory period is different for each person. In young people in their 20s generally the refractory period lasts around 15-20 minutes. In people in their 30s the length will be longer, can reach 30 minutes. The length of the refractory period will be longer along with age. The refractory period will also get longer if someone has sex repeatedly in a sequence. Therefore it is natural that you experience a longer refractory period during the third sexual intercourse.

During this period a person will not be able to get an erection, orgasm or ejaculation. You must wait until the period is over for an erection to occur again. Some scientific opinions do state that the possibility of erectile dysfunction drugs can shorten the refractory period, but no definitive evidence has been obtained through research. In general, doctors will not recommend recreational use of erectile dysfunction drugs because the administration of drugs must be based on medical indications.

If you still want to use these drugs, you must understand the risks of side effects that may arise, namely:

Flushing (redness of the face accompanied by burning sensation) dizziness or headache Nausea Feeling fainting Chest pain Blurred vision Hearing loss Allergic reaction You should immediately stop taking the drug and contact your doctor if you have symptoms of severe headaches, severe chest pain, shortness of breath, blurred vision , or hearing loss. Thus our explanation, hopefully useful. Regards.

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