Every Day The Left Chest Is Always Painful And Feels Like It’s Being Crushed?

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Endoscopy examination results nDated 9 August 2018 n Distal esophagus: hyperemia especially around the Z line n Gastric cardia: hyperemia n Gastric fundus: normal n Gastric scorpion: normal n Gastric pylorus: hyperemic – u0026gt; biopsy n Duodenal bulb: mild hyperemia nDuodenum part II-III: normal n nConclusion: Superficial gastritis n nPa result; n nMacroscopic: Received 1 preparation containing 1 piece of tissue, 0.2cm diameter white gray color n n Microscopic: The preparation contains one mucosal pieces of the antrum border with the duodenum. The surface shows the villi villi are lined with intestinal epithelium with goblet cells. Lamina propria contains an inflammatory infiltrate of MN. NIn Giemsa’s streak: no Helicobacter pylori germs appear. N nConclusion: Morphological features are suitable for Grastritis Chronic Superficialis Antrum, Non Helicobacter Pylori. N nEKG results: Normal n EC results: Normal n Treadmill: Normal nBlood and Thyroid check: Normal nTorax check result: Normal n nIt’s been a year every day I feel pressure on my left chest, pain in the middle left chest, hot chest or heartburn, the soles of the feet and feet are always cold, like ingested heart attack n nI have never felt pain in the heart or in the stomach, never felt nauseous but never had an appetite n nI have gone back and forth to a specialist but the drug therapy given has not changed at all n nI am confused by the pain I suffer because I can’t do my usual activities, I just want to sleep in the room n nI ask for help to the doctor, hope it can explain n what illness do I suffer from n Even though I was a Bodybuilding athlete before I got this disease in the middle of September 2017 and I always routinely exercise and eat healthy food. n nI caught this illness when I was going to take part in the Bodybuilding championship every day always consuming bitter coffee without sugar, Fat Burner Supplements which are very high in caffeine, and consume lots of pineapples n nHopefully my doctor can explain what pain I am suffering from and can provide a solution for me .. n nThank you very much

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Hello Wayan

From the results of the endoscopy, it was found that the surface of Wayan's stomach was inflamed without any bacterial infection or signs of malignancy (cancer), which is seen in those with chronic gastritis.

As for the examination of the heart record (EKG) and also heart echo, treadmill, thyroid hormone levels, chest X-rays (thorax) were normal results.

Pain in the left chest is often associated with heart problems, even though in fact, similar complaints can also be caused by other problems. Such as gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)

Gastritis itself is a condition in which the surface of the stomach is inflamed, the causes of the inflammation itself range from H. Pylori bacterial infection, mental stress, side effects of drugs and drug abuse, alcohol consumption, autoimmune diseases, etc.

Symptoms of gastritis can also vary, namely lack of appetite, flatulence, nausea, stomach pain, discomfort in the upper stomach / chest / throat, bitter taste in the mouth, vomiting blood, dark or even black stools.

A person who has gastritis does not necessarily have all of these symptoms, so even though Wayan did not experience heartburn, it does not mean that what Wayan was experiencing was definitely not gastritis. The doctor needs to compare all the symptoms experienced by the patient and compare it with the results of the physical examination and also investigations. All the information obtained will be the basis for considering the diagnosis (medical condition) of the complaints experienced by the patient.

It should also be noted that consumption of caffeine in high doses can cause various effects such as the following

Nauseous vomit
Increase heart rate and / or respiratory rate
Heart feels pounding (the beat feels very strong)
Heart rhythm disturbances
Ringing in ears

In addition, foods / drinks that contain high caffeine, and acidic foods / drinks (for example, citrus fruits, pineapple, soursop, etc.) tend to irritate the stomach surface. The existence of a history like yours and the results of the supporting examinations that have been given further confirm that what Wayan experienced was a result of gastritis.

However, the doctor who has examined you is the one who can best know Wayan's condition, because in making a diagnosis (medical condition) a doctor needs to carry out a series of medical assessments including: a medical interview regarding your medical history, daily behavior, medical history, and family history of disease. After the interview session is over, a physical (physical) health check will be carried out to get more likely to what disease Wayan's complaint is, if the information obtained is still unable to lead to a specific disease, the doctor will need a supporting examination to confirm it.

The supporting examination itself is not a dead score, which means that if the result is "A" then it must be "A", therefore the supporting examination must be considered together with the results of the medical interview + physical examination + and if there are other supporting examinations.

Some suggestions for Wayan are

As much as possible avoid consuming products containing caffeine and also those that are acidic

Managing stress appropriately, it is necessary to know that when someone is worried, anxious, stomach acid will be produced in a greater amount than when someone is not experiencing a burden on the mind.
Eating on time, which you run is good, but it would be advisable to change Wayan's diet a little but often, meaning that the amount of food consumed may not be different as usual but divided into small portions, so that the stomach is always filled so that the stomach acid levels and much more awake.
It would be even better if the types of food meet the rules of balanced nutrition

Avoid staying up late
Consuming drugs given by the doctor according to the rules

May be useful

dr. Arnold

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