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I’m a TB patient and I’m on treatment for the 6th month, but now I have a tingling sensation that doesn’t go away, after checking the sugar, the result is fasting blood sugar 137 and blood sugar 2 hours 162, but 2 weeks later I checked my blood sugar and the result was 100, am I diabetic? ??then what is the cause of my tingling that won’t go away?? is this a side effect of OAT???

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Hi Erna,

Thank you for the question. Tingling is one of the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder of nerves outside the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) that can affect motor nerves (nerves that function to move) or sensory nerves (nerves that function to feel sensations in the body). Tingling is a neuropathy that occurs in the sensory nerves. If you are taking TB drugs (OAT), then this complaint is very likely to be caused by OAT side effects. The drug that has side effects of peripheral neuropathy is isoniazid. Please consult with the pulmonary specialist who treats you and convey this complaint. Usually the doctor will give vitamins to help relieve these symptoms. Although this complaint is a side effect of giving OAT, it is not recommended that you stop treatment.

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that can cause tingling/peripheral neuropathy. Suspicion of diabetes mellitus usually arises if a person experiences the following symptoms:

classic symptoms: polyria (a lot of urination), polydipsia (a lot of drinking), polyphagia (a lot of eating), weight loss for unknown reasons other symptoms: weakness, tingling, itching, erectile dysfunction in men, itching in the pubic area in women Check levels Blood sugar is needed to support the diagnosis. A person is said to have diabetes if:

the patient has classic complaints and fasting blood sugar >= 126 mg/dL the patient has classic complaints and blood sugar when >= 200 mg/dL blood sugar level 2 hours after glucose loading >= 200 mg/dL Your first fasting blood sugar test it is not normal but if these results are not supported by complaints that lead to diabetes then this examination must be repeated again. If after repeating, the results of the blood sugar test are normal (100 mg/dL), then you do not have diabetes. Every time you carry out the results of a blood test, you should discuss the results with the doctor who suggested the examination so that the doctor can link your complaints and the doctor's physical examination with the results of the blood test.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Aloisia

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