Examination For Jaw Lumps That Never Heal?

Illustration of Examination For Jaw Lumps That Never Heal?
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Hello, I’m 18 years old. So, for more than 3 months I have had a hard lump on the side of my lower jaw which is approximately 2cm in diameter. It is located about 4-5 cm in front of the angle of the jaw. The lump does not hurt when held, and when pressed it does not hurt. What kind of examination should I do? And is there a possibility that it is cancer?

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A hard lump in the side of the lower jaw measuring 2 cm that isn't painful doesn't always indicate cancer. It could be, this lump came from:

Skin enlargement, for example due to warts, folliculitis, hyperkeratosis, keloids, cysts, lipomas, skin tags, sarcomas

Enlarged lymph nodes, for example due to tuberculosis, syphilis, cytomegalovirus, lymphoma, leukemia
Others, for example variations in jaw bone protrusions, benign or malignant tumors originating from other tissues, and so on

This condition is actually not always dangerous. However, if the lump does not disappear for months, or it gets bigger quickly, attaches strongly to the surrounding area, and has a hard consistency and an irregular surface, you should stay alert for the possibility of dangerous conditions. Check yourself directly to the doctor so that the lump can be correctly identified. It could also, the doctor will direct you to undergo further tests, such as biopsy, x-rays, or also refer you to the right specialist doctor, such as a surgeon, skin specialist, or others.

In the meantime, here are our initial suggestions for you:

Do not massage bumps carelessly
Also does not give any treatment to the lump before checking it to the doctor
Always keep yourself clean, including the area under your jaw
Maintain endurance, that is by always living a healthy lifestyle, eating a variety of nutritious foods, and getting enough rest

Hope this helps ...

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