Examination Of A Small Lump In The Right Breast?

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Morning doctor 😊. R nI want to ask. R nThe result of breast ultrasound is a small lump on the right side of the lower breast. R nAnd on paper written by the doctor (Solid) u0026amp; (BI-RADS 2). R nThat’s what it means, please explain u0026amp; how to treat so the lump can disappear. r nThank you

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Solid means itself is strong, solid. And if the lump or mass contained in any part of the body to assess its consistency can be said that the mass is solid or soft, if it is solid it is usually referred to as solid.

And BI-RADS which is an abbreviation of the Breast Imaging-Reporting And Data System is a classification system that is used to assess the mass ambition or lump on breast ultrasound. In addition to ultrasound this classification can also be used in other radiological examinations such as maography and MRI.

This BI-RADS classification consists of 7 categories from BI-RADS 0 - BI-RADS 6. In the ultrasound examination that you do with the results of BI-RADS 2, which means that in the ultrasound examination a lump or amsa is found to be benign. Some lumps in the breast that are benign for example:

Fibroadenoma Breast Cysts Breast lipoma And the following article you can read about: Benign Tumors of the Breast

For treatment and how to treat it will certainly be done depending on the cause. It is important to remember that radiological examinations such as ultrasound are additional examinations that doctors use to help diagnose. We recommend that you do the consultation again or control back to the doctor who has handled you or return to the doctor who asked you to do the ultrasound. Or if you only do this ultrasound examination as a screening at your own request, you can consult a surgeon by bringing the results of the examination. So the doctor can do an examination and write about your medical history.

If the tumor is benign, for example in the case of fibroadenoma, which is the most common type of tumor, the doctor can usually advise you to carry out a surgical procedure. However, this action is also considered to be done if it has an impact on the natural shape of the breast, causes pain, or risks developing malignancy. This can be known if you check it to the doctor. Not all cases of breast lumps performed surgery, but the doctor will consider the right course of action, certainly with considerations that will give patients more benefits than the risks or side effects.

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