Examination Of Gestational Age In Retro Uterine Conditions?

Illustration of Examination Of Gestational Age In Retro Uterine Conditions?
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Afternoon, I was 16 weeks pregnant, at 5 weeks of pregnancy ultrasound to the obstetrician had seen the fetal pouch and my uterus RETRO. But when I checked with the midwife it was said that my pregnancy had not reached 16 weeks because it had not been palpated, did the condition of the uterus RETRO cause the fetus was not palpated? Thank you in advance.

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. We understand your confusion. The position of the uterus retrofleksi or antefleksi, retroversion or anteversion, is a variation of the position of the uterus of a person and does not indicate any abnormality. Just as in a family there can be children whose hair is curly and straight, their skin darker and lighter, or their nose more pointed or flat, this condition is only part of diversity that does not need to be overly concerned about. For more easily imagined, see the image below.

So in your case, it could be difficult for your womb to be touched because of its position behind. But this does not change the fact that your pregnancy is now 16 weeks, especially if you have previously done the calculation through menstruation days and ultrasound. Especially at the age of 16 weeks, the size of the uterus and fetus is still very small so that it is in front of any, it can still be difficult to feel. Therefore what is important, your fetus appears on ultrasound, heart beat, and measurements of head circumference, abdominal circumference, and body weight in accordance with predictions of gestational age so far.

So that you do not need to worry and worry too much about the examination, and if possible, you should control enough to just the obstetrician because the ultrasound examination by a doctor is more accurate than touching by a midwife. Meanwhile, get enough rest, consume vitamins and pregnancy supplements, avoid cigarettes and coffee, and meet your nutritional and nutritional needs. So, hopefully answering your question.

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