Examinations That Are Carried Out During Health Checks?

Illustration of Examinations That Are Carried Out During Health Checks?
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Welcome to mlm, I want to do it, right in the week I attended a medical check-up (MCU) at one of the Isos international hospitals and the results of my MCU were just told that I had minus eyes, which is my question? whether my blade has HIV disease will be notified by the doctor who examined it during the MCU? Because 3 months before I had risky sex

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Good Morning Aslimun Hasanuddin,

Thank you for the question.

Medical Check Up is a comprehensive health examination, including question and answer complaints between patient and doctor, examination of vital signs and body / physical condition in general, as well as supporting examinations, such as laboratory tests (blood, urine, feces), imaging examinations (USG, photos). x-rays), heart records, and others. The types of examinations performed during a medical check-up (MCU) are not always the same, there is a basic MCU package, namely examinations that are carried out only basic examinations such as laboratory blood, urine, feces, without being accompanied by special examinations such as an HIV test. If the MCU you are doing includes an HIV test, then you can immediately consult with the MCU doctor about the results.

Generally, if an HIV test is tested, then before taking blood, VCT counseling will be done first, where during the counseling session, information about HIV and AIDS will be provided. Then the counselor starts the discussion and the client is expected to be honest about previous activities that are suspected of being at risk of being exposed to the HIV virus. After the blood test is done, whether the results are negative, the counselor will explain to the client or patient. If you haven't done a VCT before taking blood, you should do a VCT.

VCT is an effort to prevent HIV / AIDS, especially for people at high risk.

So hopefully useful,

dr. Annes

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