Excessive Anxiety, Accompanied By Chest Palpitations And Nausea?

Illustration of Excessive Anxiety, Accompanied By Chest Palpitations And Nausea?
Illustration: Excessive Anxiety, Accompanied By Chest Palpitations And Nausea? practicalpainmanagement.com

I feel restless, nauseous, dizzy, afraid of madness and palpitations. My head feels heavy as if I’m confused but it doesn’t happen all the time when my body feels like I’m gasping. It happened because in my environment, there was someone who died because of a jinn and I saw it and when I was there my body was gasping and felt hot. I was afraid that it would happen to me. R nAnd now I’m confused about what to do? R nHelp Help me….

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Hello Zatieqq Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Excessive anxiety, accompanied by chest palpitations and nausea can be caused by psycholytic factors that are triggered by various conditions. The following psychological conditions can cause complaints to you:

Panic attack or panic attack
Overall anxiety disorder

In panic disorder usually a person will feel restless due to panic attacks that attack many times, usually for no apparent reason. When a panic attack occurs, there will be a very severe or excessive fear but it is not accompanied by a painful cause besides it will make the sufferer experience a heart attack such as death, but in most cases this panic attack is not the result of something dangerous. This disorder can be influenced by several factors for example: excessive stress, traumatic events, experiencing major changes in life.

Comprehensive anxiety disorder is a psychological disorder in the form of excessive anxiety that is not normal and occurs for a long time. Usually someone will become very anxious and think about things that might not necessarily happen for example anticipation of the problem of the badge. But the anxiety felt by her unclear source is unknown. Symptoms of someone with anxiety disorders for example, out of focus, always worried, difficulty sleeping, trembling, nausea, muscular muscles, twitching, vomiting, headaches, excessive sweating, such as shortness of breath, irritability, pusimg.

While schizophrenia is a psychological disorder which occurs in a long time, usually occurs within 6 months or more. This disorder will make a person experience hallucinations, delusions, delusions, disturbance of thought, disturbances of thought content and behavior change. Or these symptoms are a sign of psychosis. Where psychosis is a condition when a person experiences difficulty to distinguish reality from his own mind.

In medicine, there is actually no term for possession or possession. But the medical itself, can explain about possession, that 'possession' in the medical is explained by Possession Trance Disorder. Where the disease is included in a mental disorder that is a dissociative disorder is the loss of some or all integration between past memories, awareness of identity, and the sensation and control of body movements. Or possession trance disorder can be classified as a form of mental disorders related to changes in self-identity

Based on the WHO possession trance disorder is a temporary loss of personal identity and full awareness of the environment. This means that possession occurs due to a person's mental factors.

To ascertain the cause of the symptoms that you are experiencing, you should consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. So that complaints that you feel can be handled. Especially if you feel the complaint has disrupted your daily activities. The doctor will conduct further tests on you by asking your health report, as well as a psychological examination on you.

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