Excessive Anxiety And Worry?

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hello doctor, i’m mega aulia yasin. I want to ask, I have the experience left by my beloved sister. and that thought always bothered me. and now my sister is sick. I am afraid that incident will happen again. I do not want to be abandoned by my sister for the second time. that thought bothered me, made me always worried. please help doctor

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Anxiety and distress are normal responses that everyone can feel, but what needs attention is when anxiety, worry and fear occur excessively to disrupt activities and daily activities. If the anxiety that you feel is so disturbing and hindering your activities, here are some possible causes:

Anxiety Disorders
Panic attack

The most effective way to deal with these conditions is to change your mindset from within yourself. Divert thoughts and negative things in a more positive and constructive direction, look for hobbies and do things that please you to divert the anxiety and fear that you feel

If complaints that occur are so disturbing you can consult a psychiatric specialist or psychologist to be able to help you overcome the problems you are experiencing

So much information from me, hopefully it helps

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