Excessive Anxiety, Rarely Interact Socially And Are Difficult To Blend In?

Hello, I’m Nabella, I’m 17 years old. I have been overly anxious for 2 years now. When I talk to other people I always think ‘Is he angry? if I say this It makes me rarely interact with other people now, it’s hard to start a chat, I’m always overdone when I feel I’ve made a mistake (even a small mistake). Since then, I am now labeled ANSOS. I gapede to show off my skills in public. I always shut down, difficult to blend. I am a typical person who hides problems even from my own parents. The climax, when last November. I felt very anxious and insecure, because there was one factor and at that time my right hand and foot shook on its own for 10 minutes (if I’m not mistaken) I was afraid I was crying. from then on, I added to close myself. So my friends are getting less and less. Is the experience I told above, there are signs that I have a mental illness?

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Hello Nabella,

Thank you for the question.

Excessive anxiety, worry about offending others, worrying about being wrong, if it causes you to have difficulty interacting with others, not feeling confident, trembling, and tend to shut down, it could indeed indicate a mental disorder, for example social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, delusional disorder paranoid schizophrenia, and so on. This condition should be suspected as a mental disorder if it has emerged for a long time, with a great intensity, so that it affects your perspective of yourself and others, as well as disrupting your daily activities and functions. However, if a complaint still appears within reasonable limits, it still allows you to indulge and function without constraints, it could be that this is still part of a reasonable personality variation and does not need special handling.

If the first of the above conditions is true for you, we recommend that you go directly to see your doctor or psychiatrist. Through in-depth psychiatric interviews, doctors are often able to distinguish which includes psychiatric disorders, reasonable personality variations, or perhaps other organic disorders. Based on the results of this examination also, the doctor will be able to provide you with a variety of treatments, can be enough with counseling, given drugs, psychotherapy, and so on.

At this time, what you should do so your complaint is not lengthy is:

Get rid of all forms of negative thoughts, both about yourself, the person you are talking to, other people around you, also God who has created your destiny
Focus on improving yourself, don't always feel valued, cared for, or treated badly by others
Try to treat others as well as you want to be treated
Expand your relationships, be smart to position yourself well where you are, no need to try to be someone else
Develop your potential, make yourself valued for your achievements, but don't make you arrogant
Keep yourself busy with positive activities, including organizing, studying, developing hobbies, working, doing extracurricular activities, and so on
Discipline to live a healthy lifestyle, stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs

Hope this helps ...

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