Excessive Bleeding During Menstruation?

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hello, I have bleeding since the first time I menstruated namely class 1 junior high school. now I am 22 years old and the menstruation is still not smooth, but when the blood comes out, I always bleed until I have to be hospitalized. why is this actually? when examined the doctor always said because of hormones, is that right?

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Excessive menstrual blood or in an amount that exceeds normal is called excessive menstruation or menorrhagia. During menstruation, the average amount of blood released is 30-40 ml. And a woman is considered to have excessive menstruation if the quantity of blood that she spits ranges from 60-80 ml. It's difficult to make these measurements as a benchmark. However, you can pay attention to the number of pads you wear each day. You should immediately consult an obstetrician if bleeding causes you to have to replace the pads every 2 hours or cause you to experience signs of anemia. The symptoms of anemia are pale with dizziness dizzy.
In general, menorrhagia is divided into 2, namely:
1. Dysfunctional, which is a hormone disorder.
2. Organic disorders, such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, myomas, uterine polyps, side effects of birth control pills, side effects of intrauterine devices, etc.
To find out which menorrhagia you are experiencing, you should consult an obstetrician. The doctor will conduct a medical interview and a thorough physical examination. Next will do the necessary investigations, such as ultrasound and hormones. Furthermore, treatment will be done based on the cause. If hormonal disorders are the cause, the doctor will give hormonal therapy. And if organ abnormalities are the cause, the doctor will provide treatment based on the cause. In certain cases surgery may be needed.
Meanwhile, some things you can do to try to overcome these conditions are by:
1. Manage stress well and wisely.
2. Avoid excessive exercise.
3. Avoid following a strict diet.
4. Eat nutritious foods, avoid fast food.
5. Get enough rest.
Thus hopefully useful.

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