Excessive Deep Heat And Red Spots On The Body?

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Good afternoon, I am Tasya, aged 20, want to ask about my illness. It started in early 2018 I was sick and exhausted due to my activities from there I had a nosebleed even though my nose at that time did the usual activities not long after my nose bleed, there were red spots, but what I was confused about was that I often got sick such as heartburn, dizziness, sweaty feet, body aches, but my appetite is not disturbed it’s just that my mouth feels bitter and of course every red spot pain appears. The problem is I often like that every 2 weeks or once every month, especially if there are sick people I follow dropping. And now I feel dropped again even though it’s only been 2 weeks I recovered and I think it’s a little worse because of the heat that doesn’t go away. What do you think my doctor is about and how to treat it? Thank you

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Symptoms of recurrent fever can be caused by the following things

infections, such as malaria, tuberculosis, abscesses, dental infections, etc. autoimmune diseases that attack connective tissue and joints, such as lupus, still's disease, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis malignancies, such as lymphoma, leukemia drug side effects

the general approach needs to be taken is to rule out the possibility of infection first. this can be done through interviews and a complete physical examination, followed by a lab examination. for example, if you have ever traveled to a malaria area, have enlarged spleen organs on a physical examination, then you need to get a malaria blood test.

If the infection has been ruled out, then you need further laboratory tests to find out if you have an autoimmune disease, or a malignancy. It is best to consult an internist regarding your illness.

things you can do at home:

You may use paracetamol when you have a fever, eat nutritious food, drink enough water (approximately 2 liters per day), exercise, such as walking or jogging 20-30 minutes per day, 5-6 times a week

so my answer, hopefully it helps

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