Excessive Fear Disorder Accompanied By Delayed Menstruation?

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. I am a 20 year old girl working in a private company. I am the 2nd child of 3 siblings, my father and mother thank God it’s still complete. I have an older sister and younger brother. I can say the girl who is too busy with office work. Until you could say 80% of my youth was only concerned with computers and homes. I very rarely play with my peers. Somehow there must be things that can cancel an appointment. Since I worked, I thought my personal sphere just revolves around it. When I was at school I was never like this, I was always easy going to play anywhere like teenagers in general. But the more I come here, the more I close myself, between being lazy and not having many friends other than work friends and friends at home (I worked since graduating from SMK until now).

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Hello, good afternoon Galuh.

1. Feelings of jealousy between siblings are something that is very common. As you have mentioned yourself, that your parents are just parents, never give any punishment, and are responsible. The feeling that other siblings get more attention, get what they want, etc. is a feeling that often occurs between siblings. You don't need to worry about your feelings, and what we can suggest is that you always think positively. Indirectly, what you read on the internet gives suggestions to your mind that reinforces the belief that has been in your mind before that you feel you have received different treatment.

2. Complaints in the form of excessive fear, fear of death, disaster, sleep disturbances, lazy activities, weakness, shortness of breath, cold sweats, etc., can be a symptom of:

general anxiety disorder. In this type of psychic disorder, the sufferer feels excessive and uncontrollable anxiety for a period of at least 6 months. The anxiety experienced by patients with this disorder dominates and affects daily activities (including work), accompanied by symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, restlessness, muscle tension, and sleep disorders. anxiety disorder mixed with depression, panic disorder, etc. It is recommended that you consult your complaint to a psychiatrist (psychiatric specialist) to find out what your condition is and how to treat it accordingly. The doctor will carry out an excavation of complaints, previous medical history, and a physical examination accordingly. Treatment can be in the form of drugs or psychological therapy.

3. Causes of irregular menstruation include:

psychic stress hormonal imbalance due to age. At a young age, reproductive hormones have not been stable so that it affects the menstrual cycle. In old age before menopause, this can also occur drastically in weight gain or drastic weight loss, excessive physical activity, reproductive tract diseases, such as myomas, ovarian cysts, thyroid disease, etc. Considering currently experiencing psychological stress, menstruation is not regularly very likely. However, you need to be careful if your period doesn't come for more than a month. If this happens immediately consult a gynecologist. You also need to see a doctor if you experience complaints in the form of severe menstrual pain, lower abdominal cramps, weakness to fainting, very heavy and very long menstrual blood.

You can experience many causes of fatigue. The cause most likely related to your condition is not getting enough rest (you mentioned that you often have insomnia). In addition, weakness can also be caused due to a lack of food and fluid intake in the body, physical fatigue, etc. Anemia can also cause weakness in the body, usually accompanied by other symptoms such as pale body, easy drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, chest palpitations, etc. Anemia can be caused by prolonged bleeding (for example in patients with hemorrhoids or bowel movements accompanied by blood, prolonged and heavy menstruation, etc.), insufficient intake of foods containing iron, chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases, and many more. Complaints of "weakness" are complaints that the causes are very broad and very many, we cannot say for sure the cause without information on other comorbid complaints and without direct physical examination. Please check with your doctor if the complaint persists and gets worse.

So, hopefully it can be understood.

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