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Hello I’m a 17-year-old sustainable daughter, I recently experienced excessive hair loss, I guess because I was using shampoo wrongly, when I didn’t use shampoo 1 week but my hair fell out and my joints felt painful, why not? I ask for an explanation and how to cure it. Thank you;)

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Hello Putri Lestari, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Hair loss that you experience can be caused by various causes such as:

Disorders of the hair growth process itself (due to hormonal disorders or autoimmune reactions)
Other diseases (for example thyroid disorders, anemia, cancer, fungal infections of the head, trichotillomania disorders)
Hormonal imbalance in the body and stress

Nutritional deficiencies
Side effects of certain drugs

Haircare (shampoo, blaching, hair dye, hair spray, hair gel, or hairdressing tools)

Hairstyles like tying or braiding hair too hard
How to wash, dry and comb the hair that is less good such as too often washing and combing hair, the habit of rubbing hair to dry and also combing hair when wet

Therefore, to find out the best therapy is to check your complaint further to a dermatologist so that an appropriate examination is carried out so that it can be determined which causes are causing your complaints at this time. Your doctor may also suggest you to do some further tests to determine the diagnosis of your complaints such as blood tests, pull tests, hair examinations with a microscope and other examinations in accordance with your doctor's consideration. Once it is clear what the cause, then further therapy can be determined for you.

In the meantime, there are several things you can do to help reduce complaints such as:

Wash your hair the right way and use conditioner

Don't rub your hair to dry it, but just wrap it in a towel or let it dry by itself in the surrounding air
Do not comb when the hair is still wet, wait when it is a little dry to comb it
Limit the frequency and temperature of using a hair dryer, hair straightener / curling iron
Avoid using hair styling products such as hair gel or water spray

Avoid tying hair too often, if you want to tie, tie it loose and use a special rubber for hair
Do not do hair coloring or hair too often give about 8-10 weeks if you want to repeat it
Don't comb your hair too often, comb it only if you are going to style your hair

I hope this helps.

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