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I want to ask, I want to sleep, why does my mouth in the gums keep salivating, but it doesn’t drool, so every 15-20 seconds my mouth feels a lot of saliva, and every time I have to swallow it, that’s what it is?

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Saliva normally will continue to be produced by the salivary glands which empties under the tongue. Its function is to wet the mouth and express digestive enzymes when food is chewed by teeth in the mouth. Related to the conditions that you are experiencing is a normal thing, so you do not need to worry about it.

Excessive production of saliva is also called hypersalivation / sialorea. This condition is normal or can also be caused by a disorder that occurs in the body.

A person will generally experience an increase in saliva / saliva production if exposed to food, in a hungry condition, the presence of sores / mouth sores, the condition of pregnancy, etc.
Some other conditions that can cause increased saliva production include:

Oral infections
Increased gastric acid due to GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux) or inflammation of the stomach / gastritis
Inflammation in the throat and throat
The use of certain drugs
Disorders of nerves around the mouth or face
Injury to the jaw area
Rabies infection

If inflammation is suspected in the stomach, often symptoms such as abdominal pain to the chest or to the back, bloating, nausea, mouth feeling sour or bitter can be found in patients.
If no symptoms / abnormalities are suspected in the body, the condition will improve by itself. However, if hypersalivation occurs continuously and interfere with daily activities, it is better to check yourself to the doctor in order to get the examination and the right treatment.
Some suggestions you can take to help reduce complaints include:

Maintain oral and dental hygiene
Eat nutritious and balanced food
Do not lie down after eating. Give a break of 3-4 hours so that stomach acid does not rise and irritate the esophagus
Avoid consuming foods that can increase stomach acid such as eating spicy, sour, bersantan, too fatty, coffee tea and chocolate
Expand the consumption of water
Eat small portions but often
Diligent check the condition of the teeth and mouth to the dentist

So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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