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Good day doctor, my name is Laila 18 years old. I often sneeze when I smell something that is too smelly or smells, or is exposed to excessive dust, recently the weather feels cold because of the rainy season, I sneeze all day long without stopping unless I sleep, causing headaches, about what diseases, causes of illness and how to overcome it? n Thank you

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Sneezing, especially when smelling strong odors, exposed to dust, and exposed to cold weather, are often caused by allergies. This condition is prone to occur in people who have a history of allergic offspring in close relatives. Non-conducive environment and poor immune system also play an important role in triggering these complaints.

In addition to allergies, your complaints can also arise due to respiratory tract irritation, for example if you breathe in chemical fumes or air pollution too often. Infection, whether due to viruses or bacteria, especially in the respiratory tract, can also make your complaint more severe. Excessive sneezing can cause the head muscles and surrounding muscles to contract excessively so that it will feel painful.

Although this condition is often not dangerous, however, if complaints are very often repeated, you should still check directly to the doctor or ENT specialist doctor for further treatment. In addition, you also need to do the following steps so that complaints do not always recur and recur:

Get plenty of rest Create a comfortable environment condition, not dirty, not too cold, avoiding smoke, dust and pollution Don't smoke, stay away from the smoke Also be diligent in exercising so that the immune system is awake Eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C Drink more, especially water warm Take a shower with warm water Reduce consumption of food and drinks that are too cold Do not carelessly consume drugs Hope it helps huh ..

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