Excessive Sweating And Trembling?

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Hello, the past few weeks my hands and feet have been sweating, yes, until they are wet. When the temperature is hot, you feel sweaty. When the AC temperature is still wet but it becomes a cold sweat. The hands also vibrate, especially the fingers. When you eat, it’s the same. Please make a diagnosis. Thank you very much.

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Hello Rifai, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

The state of excessive sweating that you are complaining about is a condition called hyperhidrosis, which is a condition in which excessive sweating is produced and is sometimes associated with an increase in body temperature or during exercise. However, sometimes excessive sweating for no apparent reason, especially if sweating on the palms of the hands and feet makes them feel so wet, there could be an underlying disease.

Basically excess sweating can occur normally in certain people, that is, about 1-3 percent of the human population has excessive sweat production, and usually occurs in the armpits, palms, head or face area. The cause is malfunctioning of the minor nerves and this condition can be passed on to the child. Excessive sweating of this type is usually referred to as local / primary hyperhidrosis.

Meanwhile, general / secondary hyperhidrosis is excessive sweat production because there are underlying causes of health problems. Some diseases / things that cause excessive sweating include:

Thyroid disorders
Heart failure
Anxiety disorders
Use of certain drugs (antibiotics, certain supplements, anti-hypertension)

The condition that you complain about about excessive sweating and is accompanied by shaking hands and fingers / tremors allows for certain underlying diseases, so my advice is that you should immediately see a doctor so that you can directly check the condition you are experiencing, usually in addition to emphasized on your physical examination, other additional examinations may also be done to find the exact cause, whether it has something to do with infection, or disruption of certain hormones due to disorders of the thyroid, or due to disorders in other organs, laboratory tests and Rongten's examination possibilities can be considered, including ultrasound of certain organs. Sweat and urine tests may also be considered.

Here are some things that can relieve excess sweating that you can do at home, including:

Take a shower every day, and dry your body with a towel, especially under the armpits.
Choose shoes and socks made of cotton
Change socks often
Choose clothes according to their activities, don't choose clothes with materials that are too thick and don't absorb sweat when you're on the move outside / in hot temperatures
Do relaxation, such as yoga, pilates, meditation, to reduce the level of stress you may have

It is a wise decision if you immediately consult a doctor directly to be able to find out the cause of the excess sweat production that you are experiencing, so that treatment can be in accordance with the underlying cause.

We can say little, hopefully it can be useful. Thanks.

dr. Ciptanti

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