Excessive Vaginal Discharge After Using Vaginal Cleansing Fluid?

I want to ask, for the past 3 days I’ve been using the feminine hygiene cleanser that I bought at the supermarket regularly, but after using it it often produces liquidsu003cbr /u003erwhy is that normal? and what’s the harm in using the cleaner

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Hi Fiani, thank you for your question

Basically, the female organ or vagina has its own defense mechanism in preventing the entry of pathogenic microorganisms. Are normal bacteria of the Lactobacillus sp. which keeps the vagina has an acidity level (pH) ranging from 3.8 to 4.5. These bacteria in limited numbers do not cause disease. Therefore, it is referred to as normal vaginal flora.

The use of vaginal cleaning fluids is actually not recommended. Considering that cleaning fluids are generally too acidic or alkaline, so that they have the potential to disrupt the balance of normal flora, including the normal pH in the vagina. If you plan to use vaginal cleaning fluid, here are the recommendations:

make sure the product has been registered with the BPOM, choose an unscented product, use vaginal cleaning fluid only occasionally (not routinely) and make sure only in the outer vaginal area (not inserted into the vagina) after using vaginal cleaning fluid, make sure to rinse your feminine area thoroughly
use water flowing from front to back. Regarding the vaginal discharge that you are currently experiencing, it should be handled wisely. If the vaginal discharge still meets the normal criteria, it would be nice to keep the feminine area clean and healthy (no need to use vaginal cleaning fluid regularly every day). The normal discharge criteria are:

colorless, generally clear to whitish, odorless, not accompanied by itching or burning. However, if the vaginal discharge that you are currently experiencing does not meet one or more of the criteria above, then it is classified as abnormal vaginal discharge and should be checked by a doctor for proper treatment. appropriate.

Please also read about how to keep the feminine area clean

Hope it's useful

dr. Lili

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