Excessive Vaginal Discharge And Smells Fishy?

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Hello. R nI am 24 years old, I just got married! R nI have excessive vaginal discharge and smells fishy! R n r nAfter getting married, I got in touch with my husband! But my husband suddenly had symptoms like gonorrhea. After treatment, and given the medicine for 1 week. Thank God for not being sick and pus coming out of his penis, r nAs well, I was also given medicine and I underwent the test results! r n r nThe test results were quite scary, found a large gram positive ++++ r nAnd small gram negative +++ r n r nWhat I want to do, can I have sex again or what? r nContinue

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Leucorrhoea must have been experienced by every woman. Whitish itself can be normal or a certain disorder. Normal vaginal discharge, namely:

colorless odorless does not cause itching If the vaginal discharge has a certain color, smells and causes itching it may be caused by a certain bacterial, parasitic or fungal infection.

Some of the causes of vaginal discharge are related to disease:

Bacterial vaginosis, vaginal discharge due to unbalanced numbers of normal bacteria in the vagina, symptoms of white or grayish discharge, watery and fishy odor of candidosis vaginalis, vaginal discharge caused by fungi, symptoms of thick mucus like milky white, trichomoniasis itching, vaginal discharge due to the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis, Green or yellowish vaginal discharge, itching, frothy gonorrhea, vaginal discharge due to the bacteria Neisseria gonnorhoeae, symptoms of vaginal discharge, itching, pain in the pelvis or when urinating, is a sexually transmitted disease If your husband has gonorrhea, your risk is also of contracting this disease, because of infection transmitted through sexual contact. Symptoms of gonorrhea in women are vaginal discharge, pain when urinating, hip pain, especially during sexual intercourse. It is important that you get checked out too. From the results of the examination found gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, it must be re-consulted with the doctor who examined you, what the type of bacteria is, and whether the results match the complaints / symptoms you experience and other tests to find out the cause and diagnosis. The cause of gonorrhea is gram-negative bacteria in the form of diplococci, so it is necessary to know the type of bacteria found in your examination results whether it is gonorrhea or not so it must be controlled or consulted with the examining doctor beforehand.

It is better not to have sex first even though your husband has been treated, because it is not certain whether you are infected or not, if you are infected and have not been treated, while you and your husband have had sex, then your husband can be infected again and can infect you again if you currently on treatment or have finished treatment. Then it will be like that, going back and forth to contract the disease.

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