Excessive Vaginal Discharge, More Frequent Menstruation

Illustration of Excessive Vaginal Discharge, More Frequent Menstruation
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Hello. It’s been almost a year that I have experienced excessive vaginal discharge. And I menstruate twice a month. Then that made me miserable. There is a lump in my mouth / cervix and it gets swollen. And every time after having sex, husband and wife must bleed. Even though she wasn’t menstruating before. Are these signs of cervical cancer?

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Hello Mia,

Thank you for the question.

Excessive vaginal discharge, more frequent menstruation, appearance of bumps in the birth canal, and repeated bleeding after sexual intercourse can indeed be symptoms of cervical cancer, a malignancy originating from cells in the uterine wall. This condition is not yet clearly the originator, but much literature links this cancer with HPV (human papilloma virus) infection. At a later stage, cervical cancer can also make the sufferer feel full or painful around the pelvis and lower abdomen, vaginal odor that smells bad, decreased body weight dramatically, excessive sweating and mild fever recur, easily tired, tightness, nausea, and much Other complaints.

Not just cervical cancer, your various complaints may also refer to myoma, uterine polyps, vulvar cancer, miscarriage, pelvic inflammation, sexually transmitted infections, endometriosis, inflammation or abscesses of Bartholin glands, hormonal disorders, and so on.

To be clear, it seems you need to check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician. However, in this COVID-19 pandemic era, you also need to ensure that your safety is maintained, for example by prioritizing seeing your nearest doctor (not necessarily directly to the hospital), wearing a mask, diligently washing your hands, and avoiding too close contact with other people.

Not only that, so that complaints no longer recur, you need to also try:

Improve the cleanliness of your sex organs
Do not have sex that involves vaginal penetration while bleeding and swelling still occur around your birth canal
Get more rest and live a healthy lifestyle (including regular exercise, eat more vegetables and whole grains, be diligent in eating fruit, drink lots of water, and don't stress)
Avoid taking any herbs, drugs, or supplements without consulting a doctor first

Hope this helps ...

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