Excessive Volume Of Blood After Menstruation?

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, I just finished menstruating for 1 week, then blood came out again, 3 days blood came out with a greater amount unlike the previous menses. Blood came out like flowing and there was a little clot, is that reasonable …? I am a mother of 1 child, I injected ( already stopped 3 months)

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Menstrual bleeding whose duration is still around 2 to 8 days is generally still considered reasonable. You can observe the volume of bleeding that comes out. If the volume is still around 30-40 cc throughout the cycle, you often don't need to worry about this condition. Hormonal fluctuations, usually related to stress, fatigue, drastic changes in body weight, side effects of drugs, and so on, can also make menstrual bleeding more and longer complaints, although it can still be considered reasonable.

However, if you find that menstrual bleeding is very large in number (more than 10 pads a day), lumps like meat, or accompanied by other complaints, such as severe stomach cramps, nausea and dizziness that are very heavy, etc., you should be wary of other possible conditions, such as miscarriage, endometriosis, myoma, pelvic inflammation, uterine polyps, cervical cancer, and so on. Judging from your history of having stopped using injectable birth control for 3 months, indeed this possibility could have happened.

You can check your condition directly to the doctor or obstetrician if you experience this condition. With a comprehensive physical examination, assisted with supporting tests, for example USG, laboratories, pap smears, etc., doctors are generally able to establish the right diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

At this time, you are advised to get plenty of rest first, don't mind too much. Also reduce sexual intercourse, if necessary, limit it altogether, as long as there is still much bleeding from your birth canal. Eat and drink nutritious foods, especially those that are rich in vitamin K. Be diligent in exercising, sleep regularly, stay away from cigarettes and do not indiscriminate consumption of drugs without a doctor's prescription.

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