Excessive Weight During Pregnancy?

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In the afternoon, I want to ask at the moment my womb is 25 weeks old, I am 31 years old, and this is my first child, yesterday when the doctor said that my obstetrician was healthy, my breech position was 800 gr and the fetus wanted to give birth normally. And my weight gain has reached 11 kg, including obesity, weighing 90 kg, height 164, and I work, if for food, I eat 3 times a day (rice), and drink milk 2 times a day (pregnant milk), and I eat snacks at 10 and 3 (corn / krekes / fruit). because my diet is like this, my weight has increased. Thank you

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Hello evi,

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In obese women, weight gain during pregnancy is recommended not to exceed 10 kg (ideally 5-10 kg). Excessive increase in maternal weight, in addition to complicating the delivery process, which puts you at a higher risk of having a cesarean delivery or other actions (such as vacuum or forceps), can also cause fetal growth in your uterus to be disrupted (fetal body weight may be less or just overdoing it, you are also more prone to diabetes, heart problems, and complications for pregnancy, childbirth, and other post-copy.

At the age of the womb around 25 weeks, the normal weight of the fetus is around 600-700 grams. It could be that your improper diet and your history of obesity also contribute to your fetal weight gain. Compared to a normal weight fetus, of course this large fetus can be more difficult for you to undergo a normal delivery later.

Better, you control your obstetric routine more to the obstetrician so that you can be given the best solution in maintaining your uterus. With experience and competence, of course the doctor will try his best, not only for the health of your fetus, but also yourself. He will also recommend what a good diet looks like so that your weight does not increase dramatically, but the growth of the fetus in your womb will not be disturbed.

To help control your weight gain, it's better now that you consume more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Active is also active (not too much sitting) so that not too much energy is piled up and piled up into fat. Reduce also excessive consumption of snacks, especially those that contain too high calories, not in accordance with the activities you do.

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